Black Friday Routines

At the end of every November, there’s a special day many people wait for all year.

Even tho Loki and I both celebrate our birthday at the end of November, there’s something else we really look for. What if I told you, you can get your dog gear, electronics, clothes, and much other stuff at up to 70-90% sale? I’m sure you can guess now what are we waiting for!

It’s BLACK FRIDAY on the 29th of Nov!

What does that mean? New equipment for Maya and Loki for sure! Leashes, collars, harnesses and hopefully we can get a good deal on a bike or scooter. Other than that we are hoping for some new camera gears, lights, stands, tripods and so.

How do we prepare for Black Friday?

Our friends at Slickdeals help us keep track of the best deals all year. Not only on the day of Black Friday. Their page shows the greatest deals of the day or you can set up alerts to get alerted of one. If you are planning to get some new stuff, you should definitely check their website out for the greatest deals.
Their website keeps track of over 3000 webshops. You can find great deals, coupons, promo codes for literally anything.
Such as Amazon, Macy’s, Dick’s, Target, Costco, Walmart, Newegg and you name it. I bet you can’t find any product they don’t have deals for.

You can find a full list of stores here:

Read more about Slickdeals:

What is Slick Deals?

Slick Deals is a deal sharing website that offers many shopping deals for consumers. The website provides the best deals on various types of products. More than a website, it is a community where members can share deals that can be listed on the website. The website that has an office in Las Vegas and Los Angeles has become popular very quickly.

There are more than 10 million monthly users availing of the services of the website. The popularity of the site and its effective way of working has ensured that more than 80% of those who avail of the deals would come back for more. More than $4 billion has been saved as a result of the deals that are offered. The website also has an app for mobile users that has been installed by more than 5 million users.

How SlickDeals works

The business model behind SlickDeals is very simple.

  • Members of the website share information on deals and coupons offered by various retailers for a large number of products.
  • Members of the community are allowed to vote for the deal that they feel is the best. They can also share their feedback on these deals.
  • The editors of SlickDeals then go through the feedback and based on the voting select the best deals available. These deals are then highlighted on the home page, allowing all visitors to avail of the deals. The deal editors of SlickDeals carefully screen through the deals so that only those deals that provide the best value are selected. This makes the site more trustworthy in the eyes of members.
  • When deals from merchants are displayed, a further level of verification is done. This ensures that only those merchants who are reliable and have a good track record (based on user feedback) are selected.

These steps ensure that the site offers only the best quality deals that offer the highest value to members. It is the compliance with processes that have ensured this site is one of the top-ranked deal sites and is a popular deal community.

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