Before you get a Husky

Are you thinking about getting a Siberian Husky or another high energy breed?

Let me explain what is it like with two Siberian Huskies on the daily basis.

As we all know the internet is full of goofy videos of huskies doing funny things, talking to their owners or making a scene if something happens they don’t want, like going home from the dog park.
They are all funny and adorable, but it won’t change the fact that they are working dogs with really high needs.

What to prepare for?

There are fun and sometimes less fun sides of having a Siberian Husky in the family.

Let’s start with the fun part.

Some might say other, but they are very social. They want to be with you and don’t want to be left out from any activities. They are very friendly with people and usually with other pets too. This makes them a horrible guard dog, unless you want a dog who helps the robber take your TV, but they weren’t bred for keeping your belonging safe. I’m not sure about Loki, but Maya would 100% play with a robber who breaks into our house.

They are very active and playful. If you live an active lifestyle, they could fit in perfectly. If you plan on doing sport activities with them, it might be the right breed for you. They barely every get tired and always up for some fun.

Depends on the weather but we usually go out for a run together. They love it and it’s a great way to burn their infinite energy. Trust me, they will be on full energy shortly after you arrive home.

Let’s see the less fun part.

If you are not an active person, you might face consequences. They will try to burn their energy one way or another. If you can’t do activities with them they will do alone and you really don’t want that. They are well known for being a great escape artist or turning your garden into a construction site.

Other than digging holes, ruining your furniture and trying to escape there’s one thing you can’t avoid. Their shedding. They have more fur than you can imagine, but I don’t want to write too much about. Let’s watch this video instead.

They are vocal and very loud.


AI did not regret getting Siberian Huskies, but I wouldn’t recommend them to everyone. Before getting them, make sure you are aware of their habits and you would still want them even if they did something bad. Training is also very important. Maya was hard (impossible) to motivate with food and wouldn’t really cooperate with me in the beginning. I highly recommend everyone taking their huskies to a professional trainer, go to a training group. This will not only help your dog’s socialization and training, but you will spend some super fun time with your dog and you will learn a lot!

Instagram – Maya & Loki
Instagram – Simon Balázs Husky Adventures

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