After introducing Maya and Loki, I should introduce myself too.

Welcome to my blog.

It all started almost three years ago when we took Maya home. That time, I had plans with Instagram, I only wanted to save good memories we spent together with the dogs. While it’s clearly the worst possible idea since Instagram ruins the photo quality and I could have store the photos and videos in local or cloud storage at the end, it turned out very well.

While I was sharing every significant moment of Maya growing up and our daily adventures we started gaining followers who enjoyed our content. This helped us and kept us motivated to continue what we were doing and ending up here with a Facebook page, YouTube channel and now a blog all related to my pups and the lifestyle of being a husky owner.

But who am I?

My name is Balázs, and I’m a 23 years old CS Student and Entrepreneur. I’m living in a small town close to our capital city Budapest. I am a Co-Founder of a company who develops software and installs Smart Homes. In the past, I was also working in the marketing industry and it changed my views of Social Media. This is mainly the reason I made this challenge for myself to start blogging and use our platform better.

Why Huskies?

Who doesn’t like Huskies? Just look at the goofy husky videos over the internet.
While the idea of getting a new dog came from nowhere, I didn’t want to rush and make an irresponsible decision. I took months reading posts in related groups, forums, and Q/A sites about basic dog training, breeds and everything you need to get a puppy.
I wanted to get an active breed and always been a ‘winter’ type of guy who likes cold and winter sports. Getting a dog who I can run, cycle or even go out in the winter with a sled and have fun was a dream for me, which finally came true.

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